Construction Legal Experts

Daniels Law Firm, PLLC’s construction attorneys provide advice, counsel, and assistance on virtually every legal topic and issue confronting the industry, including: 

Contract Drafting Litigation & Arbitration
Contract Risk Assessment Changes & Design Issues
Contract Negotiation Governmental Regulation
Contract Review Dispute Review Boards
Change Orders Faulty Products & Failures
Project Delivery Systems Green Buildings
Defending The Owner Mold and Sick Buildings
Bid Disputes Surety Bond & Insurance Claims
Project Documentation Negligence Claims
Business & Estate Planning Defective Plans & Specifications
Trucking Accidents Architect & Engineer Malpractice Claims
OSHA Violations Buying Businesses
Contract Compliance Tax Planning
Contract Terminations Mediation
Contract Disputes Bid Mistakes & Bid Protests
Risk Identification and Claim Differing Site Conditions
Environmental Violations Construction Accidents
Materialman’s & Mechanics Defending Claims
Traffic Safety Accidents Construction Defects
MSHA Violation Warranties
Ethics Compliance Impact & Inefficiency Claims
Claim Avoidance & Resolution Practical Documentation
Cost Overrun Disputes Design Errors & Omissions
Local, State, and Federal Government Contracts Sales Tax Assessments
Claims Preparation Selling Businesses
Delays, Scheduling & Liens Acceleration  


Mitigating Risk

Construction contracts assign specific risk between the owner and contractor. Many clients call upon us at the outset of a project to assist in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating construction design build, and construction management contracts. Our goal is to assist in taking affirmative steps at the front-end of projects, which are designed to minimize the likelihood that claims and disputes will arise later.

We also are often called upon during the course of a project to assist as issues arise so that claims can be avoided if possible. We assist clients with position letters and notices in construction claims matters. When claims, disputes, litigation, mediation, or arbitration proceedings do arise, we routinely handle those as well. We have experience in presenting, defending, negotiating, arbitrating, mediating, and trying complex construction claims and disputes. The insight we have gained from our extensive experience helps us to better anticipate and avoid the problems that can arise on a construction project, and thus better service our clients who call upon us for front-end contract preparation services. Additionally, we represent clients concerning trucking accidents, traffic safety accidents and accidents involving personal injury and property damage.

Our construction lawyers work diligently each day to provide effective assistance by identifying, addressing, and efficiently resolving both one-time and reoccurring problems and issues faced by any one of a myriad of participants involved in the construction process.

Our clients include private and public owners, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, architects, engineers, real estate developers, construction managers, construction trade associations, lending institutions, insurance companies, payment and performance bond sureties, manufacturers, tool suppliers, equipment suppliers and individuals. We are licensed in the states of West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.